Breathe Move Flourish

We are the cornerstone of our environment.  We are the do it all, know it all, and solve it all.  Whether we choose to live loudly or speak softly-the magic still happens thanks to us.  But we are tired.  Burned out.  Left feeling unsupported because it's always been believed that we simply can do everything and anything-except when it comes to ourselves.
Consider this your official invitation into a community of individuals that get it.  Each of us is looking for a spark.  We want change.  We keep hearing Yoga will help.  Here is your chance.



In this practice we build on successes.  Regardless of skill or flexibility, we arrive on our mat different each time.  The physical body is intelligent and capable, and so are you.   This is your time to flourish.

The Spiritual Gym is designed for the Curious.  Not sure where to start in your yoga journey?  This is it.  Six classes covering everything you need to build your own practice.

Live/Virtual classes are regularly available and suitable for all levels.

Tired As A Mother is offered as a deep restorative practice because our rest is just as important as our action.

Take your place in class and discover how incredible you are for yourself.


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