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Private Lessons: including Chair, prenatal, and recovering from injury

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Galaxy Tattoo

"When I was 300lbs I decided to change my life. I started to diet, I lost the weight.  I wanted to find a way to become more mobile, flexible and fit both physically and mentally.  One problem was my limitations due to spinal fusion, severe arthritis, and frozen shoulder in my right arm.  The best thing I ever did for myself was Yoga.  I took 4 private lessons from Melanie and we came up with a routine adapted to my limitations.  I was hooked.  I was able to take her group classes to remain in good physical condition.  Not only is Melanie a fantastic yoga instructor, her empathy, her deliberate way and her incredible knowledge of how the mind and body work synchronously is incredible.  I would recommend to anybody looking to start changing their life or to continue on their journey to use Melanie.  You will not regret it."

Peter Caruana

"This is my first experience to educate myself about Yoga.  Melanie, to say the least, has enlightened me.  She provides the answers of the many 'Whys' you are doing what you are doing.  The best take home for me is how Melanie teaches you how to accomplish and recognize what you need from Yoga.  I modified it to what I need and get the same results.  Not because you need to do it another way to keep up with someone else."

Debra Pascoe

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