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The heart is a storyteller

It was a pilates/yoga dvd that eased me back into movement after having a baby twenty years ago. My facial expressions contorted more than my body as I navigated the use of muscles I wasn't aware of.  With the gentle introduction of Tai Chi, Meditation, Reiki (thank you college electives!), something turned on...
The things is, I can't recall a moment where there wasn't a daily struggle between me and my mental health. Complex trauma, anxiety, depression, and a complete lack of self-autonomy generally left me feeling like a chapter in a diagnostic manual.  It was a constant state of heightened stress and burnout.  This was not living.  It was surviving.
In my twenty years circling this practice and its endless avenues, it has only been in the past ten that I acknowledged the direct correlation between my practice and the active ability to get my shit together.  Sure, I can touch my toes but even better-I breathe.  I have a sense of autonomy, agency, and clarity.  This practice taught me boundaries and coping methodologies.  
The desire to make the journey towards human flourishing more accessible and certainly less lonely is why there is Eudai Yoga.  It is why I have a 500RYT and personal fitness certification.  Why I study trauma informed yoga, mindfulness practices, and nerd out on neuroplasticity. That way when we share space in any manner, there is no question of knowledge, of being seen, and ultimately you will learn how incredible you are.

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