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Before you start: A letter to a new Yogi

What the hell?

That will undoubtably be your unintentional mantra during your first experience with Yoga.

And that's ok.

No one here is trying out for the circus.

You probably heard Yoga can help with all sorts of things-heart health, stress management, weight loss, flexibility, balance... all the things you could ever need a cure for.

So you pony up and find a class you hope won't kill you.

Then your comfort zone kicks in.....

First time we do anything off the beaten path of our lives is scary. We second guess, procrastinate, and even talk ourselves out of our own confidence completely. Our minds can be such an ass.

So here's 3 simple thoughts to keep in mind. Apply them wherever and whenever. Our yoga isn't limited to our mats and vice versa.

  1. Breathe. Breathe in fully. Exhale deeply. The breath, mind and body follow one another. If the breath is calm the rest will be too. We can't take ourselves too seriously. Arriving on our mat is always a practice.

  2. You do you. Remind yourself that you are not obligated to look and move in the same ways as those around you. We show up with different needs, wants, and desires. Our individual practice is a showcase of those aspects. Be proud of yourself and those around you simply for showing up.

  3. Magic takes time. Yoga is not a magic pill but it can be magic if you let it. You need to give yourself permission to show up and let it happen. In its own time, in its own way. Be kind to yourself. Be curious about what you are capable of. Throw the judgements out the window.

I have been practicing for twenty years. Those first few moments were grueling for me. It was me, the DVD player, and some rubber band woman speaking in words I didn't understand. What I did understand was that something felt better. I just couldn't put my finger on it yet.

So while you are out there, trying to put your finger on it....

Breathe, do you, and let the magic happen.

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