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E.A.T... Crash course to being Mindful

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We've been told our entire lives to pay attention.  But we were never taught how.  

Mindful Schools explains that mindfulness "is noticing what is happening in the present moment".  It supports emotional regulation, focus, sense of's a Superhero toolbox.  Mindfulness is a superpower.  

Let's start with a mindful body.  Sit calmly.  Sit quietly.  Close the eyes. 

 A minute is a great place to start! 

I bet there were noises and probably a distraction that made it difficult. 

This time, eyes closed and ears open.  Instead of being distracted by the sounds, listen to them.  Maybe there are noises that have never been noticed before?  Listen to the world around you for one minute.

What did you hear? gives the breakdown of a mindful body here →→→

Here is where EAT comes in.  

E:  Engage your senses.  What is happening around you?  Focus on one sensation at a time

A: Acknowledge whatever it is you're feeling.  Inside or out.  Anxious?  Ok.  Tired?  Ok.  Happy? Ok.  It's all ok.  No judgements.

T: Treat yourself with kindness.  Be curious about how you are feeling. Mindfulness is the practice of engaging the world with curiosity and kindness.  Any questions?  Feel free to reach out!

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